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The Referee
  Who is the Referee?
Imagine a professional football game with no refs, one team was willing to cheat and the other team never objected to any call they made. It would be a landside victory for the cheating team. Every questionable call would go their way every time.

Now imagine the cheating team is your depressed brain, and the lossing team is your happy mood. What if there was a neutral referee in the middle to make correct calls?
  How to be a good Ref
By using a tool like CBTReferee [iTunes link] you invent that unbiased referee.

When a completely unfair thought comes in your head like "I'm an idiot" you don't just accept it. The referee blows his whistle and the cheating team does not get the point.

But don't go too far and make everything wonderful. The referee is 100% neutral and fair.

He just calls it like he sees it. But a fair ref is just want you want. A fair ref is so much better than no referee at all!
CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy